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In addition to the standard measurement units used worldwide, Taiwan also uses some traditional measurement units in specialized situations.

While most of modern society will follow the SI units such as meter, gram, and liter, some additional units may be used in market environments such as wet markets and real estate. The 'ping 坪' unit is used as a descriptor of floor space identical in usage to the Japanese Tsubo (the floor space of two tatami mats), and used in preference to sq meters. Other units such as catty, or 'jin 斤', which are encountered in traditional Chinese markets, follow the traditional equivalency to 0.6 KG and is customarily called 'tai jin 台斤' to differentiate it from kilogram, known as 'gong jin 公斤'. Sub-units of 'jin 斤', such as tael, or 'liang 兩', are used when describing lighter weights, and are often encountered when purchasing gold or tea.

Measurement units in Taiwan may be pronounced in either Mandarin or Taiwanese Hokkien, depending on the setting and language abilities of both parties. In some situations, English may be usable as it is a standard course in the education system, and numbers and worldwide measurement units are generally studied.

Some commonly asked questions such as how many square feet is one ping, or how many grams is a liang (tael) can be easily answered by using the calculator tool provided below.

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