Ferry (渡輪船 )

Ferry services in Taiwan primarily operate between the main island of Taiwan and outlying islands such as Lüdao Green Island, Lanyu Orchid Island, Lambai Xiao Liuqiu, Magong, and the Matsu Islands.

Other services may cross rivers, such as those between Tamsui Old Street and Bali Left Bank, or operate between the Matsu Islands and around the Penghu archipelago.

Destinations such as Sun Moon Lake and Keelung may also offer tourist-oriented ferry services.

Cijin Island in Kaohsiung is accessible by ferry service from Xiziwan Station.

As part of the "three small links" (小三通) transportation scheme between Taiwan and the mainland of China, ferry services also operate between Kinmen Island and the cities of Xiamen and Fuzhou. Please note that unlike other domestic ferry services, these ferries will require crossing borders and passengers will be subject to passport and visa checks.