Pingxi Line, Taiwan Railways (台鐵 平溪線 )

Pingxi Line (平溪線 )

A single-rail line focused on providing tourism-oriented services within the Pingxi area of New Taipei City, trains on the Pingxi Line primarily operate between Ruifang Station and the terminus at Jingtong Station.

Tickets on the line are unlimited-usage day passes, available at any station along the line, however most passengers will purchase the tickets at Ruifang Station.

The best way to access the Pingxi Line is to take any train eastbound from Taipei to Ruifang Station. All local, Fu-hsin, Chu-kuang, and Tze-Chiang trains will stop at Ruifang, as long as the train is not bound for Keelung. Additional trains may depart from and terminate at Badu Station in the morning and evening. Badu Station is accessible by all eastbound local trains, including Keelung-bound services.

Although the line officially operates between Sandiaoling and Jingtong, in actuality most trains will run through Ruifang as it is a larger station which allows easy transfers to other train services along the main lines.

Main destinations along this line include Houtong Cat Village, the Pingxi area, Shifen Waterfall, and Pingxi Old Street.

Sky lanterns are available at many locations along the line, however are most popularly released at Pingxi Old Street. Electronic lanterns can be displayed at the facilities near Jingtong Station.