Airports in Taiwan

Airports (機場 )

In Taiwan, there are four primary commercial airports primarily offering international flight service, along with several smaller airports offering domestic and limited international flight service. The large majority of visitors coming to Taiwan will arrive at and leave from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, located just outside of Taipei City.

Besides the main Taoyuan Airport (TPE), international passengers may arrive directly at Kaohsiung, Songshan, Taichung, or Hualien airports. These smaller airports may offer flights to closer destinations in Asia such as Korea, Japan, mainland China, and Vietnam, whereas Taoyuan services international direct flights to all countries.

Domestic flights have largely been replaced by high speed rail service along the island's west coast. Currently, most domestic flights serve destinations along the east coast such as Hualien and Taitung, as well as remote island destinations such as Penghu, Matsu, and Kinmen, and turboprop flights service Orchid Island and Green Island from Taitung.