Taipei MRT Rapid Transit Subway (台北捷運 )

Taipei MRT (台北捷運 )

Covering the Taipei and New Taipei City areas, the Taipei MRT is a high-capacity subway metro network running to most destinations in the city.

Originally opened for service in 1996, the MRT has expanded to include 5 main lines, and connects with the Taoyuan Airport MRT and the Tamsui Danhai LRT.

Each line is assigned a color labeling, as well as a full name which describes the neighborhoods the line passes through. Stations along the line are prefixed by their color labeling followed by a station number. Stations with service on multiple lines will have multiple station codes.

Within the system, line transfers have been designed for maximum convenience, including lining up of tracks to allow passengers to simply walk across the platform and escalator systems to directly connect areas separated by elevation differences.

Announcements are made in English, Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese Hokkien, and Hakka.

Branch lines include the Xinbeitou Line accessing the Beitou hot spring resort area, and a resident commuter service to Xiaobitan.

Apart from train services, the Taipei MRT also operates the Maokong Gondola, a cable-car service running from the Taipei Zoo up to Maokong, a mountain-top tea destination.

All stations part of the Taipei MRT system are handicap accessible, including features such as suitable restrooms, wheelchair-designated zones for riding comfort on trains, wheelchair-charging services, guide paths for those hard of sight, as well as station staff and volunteers to assist movement of passengers.