Taipei MRT Brown Line

Wenhu Line (文湖線 )

The Wenhu Line of the Taipei Metro is a medium-capacity line primarily for commuters living in the suburban areas of Taipei City, traveling from Taipei Zoo in Muzha in the southeast to Neihu and Nangang in the northeast, looping through downtown Taipei.

Destinations along this line of interest to tourists include Taipei Zoo, Maokong, Dongqu, Songshan Airport, and Miramar Entertainment Park. Nangang Exhibition Hall is the terminus of this line, although it is generally more easily accessed by the Blue Line.

A driver-less system operated entirely above-ground, the brown line is worth a trip just for the experience of riding through the city at an elevated level. Seats at the front or rear of the train provide the best views.

The Maokong Gondola is accessible at the southern terminus station, Taipei Zoo.

Songshan Airport (TSA) has an MRT station located along this line, however for short trips within the city area, taxi service may be preferable.