Taipei MRT Blue Line

Bannan Line (板南線 )

The Bannan Line of the Taipei Metro is a high-capacity line, and is the primary line running east-west from Banqiao through the downtown Taipei City area out to Nangang.

Fully underground, the line travels past many of Taipei's popular destinations, including Ximending, Taipei Main Station, Longshan Temple, Dongqu, Taipei City Hall, and the Xinyi District, and as such can experience congestion during peak hours.

The east end of the line terminates at the Nangang Exhibition Center, where a transfer to the Brown Line is available. The neighboring Nangang Station offers transfers to standard train service as well as high speed rail.

The west end of the line may terminate at either Far Eastern Hospital or Dingpu, however tourists do not generally travel this far into the suburbs, so focusing on the train destination is not as important as the Red Line or Orange Line.

High speed rail transfers are available at Banqiao Station, Taipei Main Station, and Nangang Station.

Standard railway transfers are available at Banqiao Station, Longshan Temple Station (via Wanhua Station), Taipei Main Station, and Nangang Station.

Airport MRT transfers are available at Taipei Main Station (A1).

Transfers to bus services heading toward various locations in southern Taoyuan such as Bade, Longtan, Zhongli (Chungli), Daxi, and southwestern New Taipei areas Yingge and Sanxia can be easily found outside Yongning Station, with buses usually getting directly on highway NH3 to quickly get in and out of the city area while avoiding traffic.