Taipei MRT Orange Line

Zhonghe-Xinlu Line (中和新蘆線 )

The Zhonghe-Xinlu Line of the Taipei Metro is a high-capacity line primarily for commuters living in New Taipei City, traveling from Nanshijiao in the south to both Xinzhuang and Luzhou Districts in the west, looping through downtown Taipei.

Destinations along this line of interest to tourists include Xingtian Temple, Dadaocheng pier area, Dihua Street, Yongkang Street, and the area around Guanghua Digital Plaza.

The orange line branches at Daqiaotou Station, so passengers traveling west into New Taipei past this station should be aware of the train's destination. Huilong (迴龍) trains travel south-west towards Xinzhuang (with further bus transfers to Taoyuan and Guishan), and Luzhou (蘆洲) trains travel north-west towards Luzhou.