Kaohsiung MRT Rapid Transit Subway (高雄捷運 )

Kaohsiung MRT (高雄捷運 )

Covering Kaohsiung City and extending out into the suburban and industrial areas, the Kaohsiung MRT is a metro network combining various modes of transit.

Originally opened for service in 2008, the MRT’s two main lines, red and orange, operate in a cross shape, with the red line running north-south, and the orange line running east-west. The two lines intersect at Formosa Boulevard Station, considered one of Taiwan’s most beautifully designed metro stations with an impressive multi-color glass dome art installation.

An additional surface-level light rail service began in 2017, and is currently operational along the waterfront areas of the downtown, running from Sizihwan (Xiziwan) south along the coastline towards an intersection with the red line. Future expansion of the line will create a loop around the city area.

Fares are calculated by distance, and is payable by cash purchase of a one-time-use token, or with an IC payment card such as EasyCard or iPass.