Station Code

Sizihwan and Hamasen Station (西子灣 及 哈瑪星站, Xiziwan & Hamaxing )


These stations are popular with visitors coming to the Sizihwan waterfront area and those traveling to the beaches at Cijin Island by ferry service. The area is small enough to walk around and connect across the varying transportation methods by foot.

The area at the southern part of Gushan District has a few names, including Sizihwan (Xizihwan) describing the waterfront port and ferry terminal area, as well as the Japanese-inspired name Hamasen (濱線, Mandarin: 哈瑪星, Hamaxing) which generally describes the area nearby the decommissioned train station facility zone which has been repurposed into art spaces and museums.

Located in
Suburban Kaohsiung

B1 of No. 17-1, Linhai 2nd Rd.
Gushan District, Kaohsiung City