Kaohsiung MRT Circular LRT

Circular LRT (環狀輕軌 )

Running along the waterfront of the city of Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan, the Circular LRT Line is a surface-level light rail transit line connecting the Sizihwan (Xiziwan) recreation area to various points of interest along the waterfront, ending after a transfer to the red line.

Opened for service in 2017, the line is currently operating within the southwestern part of the downtown area along repurposed tracks that were previously in use by the railway system. Future construction plans for the line will create a loop around the city area.

The system is electric-powered without the usage of overhead cabling or a third-rail system. Cars are self-powered, and charging is done through a rapid-charging system when cars enter stations and pass charging points along the line. This system allows the trams to utilize existing rail networks without the additional burden of managing a power system above the tracks.

Tickets for the line can be purchased at vending machines located at each station. It is strongly recommended to use an IC card for payment such as an EasyCard or iPass for convenience.