City Public Bus (公車 )

Taiwan's public transit system is extremely well developed, especially in larger cities such as Taipei where it covers practically every possible destination with relatively few transfers. Along with the MRT, the bus system accepts IC Card payment (EasyCard, iPass, etc.) and provides an excellent, convenient way to get around the island's cities.

Most buses are bilingual with Chinese and English, however, the bus system is not as standardized as the MRT or railway. The bus system operates under cooperation between private agencies, so translation and romanization is not always consistent. It is recommended to always keep a Chinese written version of your destination for comparison.

Bus fares may vary based upon the type of service. For standard city services, fares are structured as part of fare zones based on the route. Traveling within one or two fare zones is usually NT$15, and crossing through into an additional fare zone will require an additional payment of NT$15. Each bus has a map which will clearly identify the fare zones, allowing passengers to calculate their fares. Other buses may set fares based on distance, for example those traveling from cities outward to destinations such as Jiufen. For visitors, this may seem confusing, and simply using an Easycard is strongly recommended, as the system will automatically calculate the correct fare based on where the passenger boarded and exited the bus.

When intending to board a bus from the street, flag down the driver with a hand motion to signal intent. Drivers will pass a station if they believe no passengers wish to board.

When intending to exit the bus, press the bell to alert the driver to stop the bus at the following bus stop. Buses will not stop unless instructed to or if there are passengers waiting to board.

While riding on the bus, please be aware of priority seats, and yield them to those in need, as is custom in Taiwan.

Concession fares are available for seniors and students, however Taiwanese identification may be required to obtain these discounts.