Intercity Long-Distance Bus (客運 )

Intercity bus services on Taiwan are an affordable, convenient way to access various points around the island.

Operated by several private companies, buses offer high quality services at differing price points for passenger comfort and are known as 客運 'kè yùn', as opposed to local city buses.

While not as popular as train services, buses may offer more frequent schedules or access to more remote locations. Bus services may be preferable for those looking to save time transiting through Taiwan's busy transportation hubs or those looking for a more simple, direct service such as those to Sun Moon Lake or Alishan direct from Taipei Main Station.

In general, all major train stations will have a nearby bus terminal or a bus stop with multiple competing services. Some buses near the High Speed Rail may be operated by that agency as a shuttle service to areas surrounding the station. All cities and towns on the island will also offer intercity bus services, although there may be decreased frequency for more sparsely populated regions.

Some companies may operate services island-wide, while others may focus on specific transit corridors, such as Taipei to and from Taichung Chaoma Station, or provide rural-oriented services connecting towns to larger cities.

Buses operating along busy routes may conduct service during non-peak hours, allowing passengers to reach destinations after rail services have finished. An example of these night services include 24 hour transportation to Taoyuan Airport from various cities around the island.