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Banqiao Station (板橋車站 )


Banqiao Station is a large interchange station for the Taipei MRT Blue and Yellow lines, High Speed Rail, and train service. Outside the station is a long-distance bus terminal.

Located in
South of Taipei City

No. 7, Section 2 Xianmin Blvd.
Banqiao District, New Taipei City

The largest train station in Banqiao District and located next to the New Taipei City new downtown development area and government complex, Banqiao Station is the largest transit hub in the area, and second in size to Taipei Main Station in the downtown of Taipei City.

Located southwest of Taipei City in Banqiao, this station was originally constructed as a train and bus station, and was later improved to include the high speed rail and blue line of the Taipei MRT. Adjacent to the main station building is the intercity bus terminal (客運) and elevated MRT circular yellow line which connects the surrounding areas through this larger station from Xindian and Zhonghe up to an interchange with the Airport MRT in Xinzhuang.

The station building is simple to navigate, and is a rectangle shape with the main concourse located on the B1 level. Train tracks are located next to the high speed rail, and the station is far less crowded than Taipei Main Station. Passengers who need to transfer between the high speed rail (for the west coast) and the standard rail heading toward Yilan, Hualien, Taitung, or Keelung can consider transferring at this station or Nangang Station.

Many food options can be found in the northern section of the station along the corridor at level B1. In the areas surrounding and above this food court and walking area are many different department stores and entertainment venues including Global Mall (環球), HiMall (麗寶), and Mega City (大遠百). A table tennis zone and dance team practice area can be found in the southern underground part of the complex.

Outside of the station area on the ground level is the Xinban Metropolitan Park which usually hosts a Christmas celebration carnival and light show event during the month of December and is popular with families.