Taipei MRT Yellow Line

Circular Line (環狀線 )

The Circular Line of the Taipei Metro is a medium-capacity line serving as a loop line through sections of New Taipei City, traveling from Dapinglin south of Taipei City toward Banqiao in the southwest, turning north toward Sanchong in the west. Planned as a circular line, the first phase of the line's construction focuses on the southwestern portion as this densely-populated area is under-served by metro services into the downtown.

The current western terminus of the line is New Taipei Industrial Park, offering a transfer to the Taoyuan Airport MRT, running counter-clockwise to Touqianzhuang with an Orange Line transfer, Banqiao Station with a train and HSR transfer, Jingan Station with an Orange Line transfer, terminating at Dapinglin Station with a Green Line transfer.