Station Code

Ximen Station (西門站 )


The main gateway to the Ximen Youth Shopping District, Ximen Station is a popular meeting place and transfer station for the Taipei MRT Blue and Green Lines.

The shopping area is most easily accessed by Exit 6, and the Red House Honglou is best accessed by Exit 1.

Located in
Wanhua District

B1 of No. 32-1, Baoqing Rd.
Zhongzheng District, Taipei City

The main transit station for the Ximending Youth Shopping District in Taipei City, Ximen Station is serviced by the Taipei MRT Blue Line and Green Line.

The area around the station was originally built as an entertainment district during the Japanese occupation era, and today retains the Japanese youth spirit with a plethora of pop culture-related shops and restaurants, as well as a large selection of hotels across all ranges and budgets. Ximen can be considered one of the cultural centers of the city and easily the most lively, known in Mandarin as 熱鬧.

The MRT system's last trains depart around midnight, however these final trains reach Ximen station between 00:27 and 00:48, with the last train on the Blue Line toward Taipei Main Station, Dongqu, City Hall and Xinyi District departing at 00:42, leaving plenty of time to get some drinks at Honglou Red House outdoor bar district before the club.

Although Ximen is a shopping district with many restaurants that may be open later hours, it is not a night market which generally have many restaurant stalls (攤位) lined up in an organized manner. The closest recommended authentic night market for tourists looking to eat is Ningxia Night Market (寧夏夜市) about 20 minutes away by walking or less than 10 minutes by bicycle, easily rentable on the street using the Youbike system with an Easycard.

Located in the maze of streets and alleyways just outside of Ximen Station Exit 6 are countless street-side shops which specialize in fashionable items and the newest trends, while the buildings themselves house exclusive restaurants and entertainment venues on the higher floors as well as multi-level shopping malls and theaters. Street performers and events occur throughout the day late into the night.

To the south-side of Ximen Station is the Honglou Red House Theater (西門紅樓, Hónglóu), a popular art gallery with popup installations and market events with various limited edition items available, just outside Exit 1 and across the street. Behind the theater is a nightlife district with outdoor bars and seating which cater to gay customers. Many visitors of all types enjoy first visiting this area and meeting up for well-made drinks before heading out to other hotspots in the city such as Xinyi District and Dongqu East District or the club scene in other parts of the city.

The area is generally safe (as is the majority of places in Taiwan), however visitors are still cautioned to be on guard late at night when crowds have dissipated, as is true of any after-hours busy commercial area.

Due to its ease of transportation and central position just west of Taipei Main Station, Ximen is a popular location for tourists to base their activities, and may be compared to Shibuya in Tokyo or Hongdae in Seoul. The area is flush with hotels, restaurants, shops, theaters, bars, and any and all types of entertainment venues. First-time visitors to Taipei who are interested in busy city life are encouraged to stay in the Ximen area for the best experience and ease of travel.