Taipei MRT Red Line

Tamsui-Xinyi Line (淡水信義線 )

The Tamsui-Xinyi Line of the Taipei Metro is a high-capacity line extending from the Xinyi District of Taipei City toward Tamsui at the north coast of the island.

The section from Taipei Main Station to Tamsui is built along the path previously used by the train system, and generally follows the path of the now-decommissioned Tamsui line of the TRA. After the original tracks were removed, some sections of the track were moved underground while others were elevated, creating park and recreation areas in the newly free spaces. An example of this is the stretch between Taipei Main Station and Minquan West Road, where these new parks have become street markets and popular meeting places for residents.

The section after Taipei Main Station primarily runs under Xinyi Road towards Taipei 101, terminating at the base of Elephant Mountain (Xiangshan).

The red line has enabled urban renewal in areas such as Tamsui which were previously difficult to access by public transit. These areas have seen marked growth in recent years and have revitalized the areas along the line's path north of the city. Other sections of the line in the downtown have eased traffic congestion and provided alternate transit options, specifically lessening the burden on the Blue Line and providing direct access to Taipei 101 and the south end of the Xinyi Shopping District.

Tourists will most frequently utilize the services of the Red Line, as well as the Blue Line.

Two train services operate on this line, each with differing terminus stations. Some trains terminate at Beitou and do not continue onto Tamsui, just as some trains terminate at Da'an and do not continue onto Taipei 101 and Xiangshan. Passengers who have accidentally boarded the wrong train can simply disembark and wait for the next train.

A branch line of the Red Line travels from Beitou to Xinbeitou, a hot spring resort area.

High speed rail, standard railway, long-distance bus, and Airport MRT transfers are available at Taipei Main Station.