Taipei Danhai LRT

Danhai LRT (淡海輕軌 )

The first line of the New Taipei Metro, the Green Mountain Line of the Danhai LRT runs from Hongshulin Station in Tamsui through various housing developments passing Tamkang University out to the Danhai New Town area.

When boarding the train, swipe an IC Card (Easycard, iPass, etc.) or single-ride ticket against blue-colored terminal, then press the button on the train car to open the door. When exiting the train, press the button to open the door, then swipe the IC card against the red-colored terminal and exit the station. Single-ride tickets and day passes can just exit the station without swiping again. Passengers who do not swipe the IC card on exit will be automatically charged the maximum fare along the line.

Currently open from the Tamsui town area to Kanding Station, more stations along the line are currently under construction, including the Blue Coast Line which will form a circle within the Tamsui area.