Ferry Between Kinmen and Xiamen (往返金門與廈門之船班航線 )

Kinmen - Xiamen Ferry (金門-廈門 船班航線 )

At present, due to political difficulties, only R.O.C. nationals with Taiwan household registration or mainlanders holding residency in the Taiwan area by marriage to an R.O.C. (Taiwanese) national are eligible to use this service.

Part of the "small three links" (小三通, xiǎo sān tōng) transportation scheme between the territories of Taiwan (R.O.C.) and the mainland of China, ferry services between Kinmen (金門) and Xiamen (廈門) operate all day with frequent schedules.

Services run between Shuitou Pier in the southwest of Kinmen Island to Dongdu Harbor along the east coast of Xiamen Island near the airport. Passengers who wish to visit Taiwan may transfer from the harbor to Kinmen Airport and fly to other destinations in Taiwan. Authorization may be required to enter the other areas of Taiwan, however foreigners (not including mainland Chinese) generally are approved for access to all of Taiwan when entering the R.O.C. via Kinmen. Mainlanders may only access Taiwan island after obtaining a Taiwan Entry Permit (入台證), however may still be able to access the other areas of the nominally Fujian Province (Kinmen and Matsu) and Penghu.

Please be aware that this ferry service crosses over a customs territory border and will require exiting Taiwan, ROC and entering the PRC. Visas are required for entry into the mainland territory for foreign nationals. Crossing from Xiamen into Kinmen requires either a visa for Taiwan or eligibility for visa-free entry. Mainland Chinese visitors are subject to relaxed rules when intending to only enter these islands without continuing to Taiwan.