Yilan Line, Taiwan Railways (台鐵 宜蘭線 )

Yilan Line (宜蘭線 )

The eastern portion of the main line running from Taipei to Yilan, the Yilan Line services stations between Badu and Su'ao, with many trains providing through service to both Taipei and Hualien.

West of Badu Station, the Yilan Line connects to the Western Trunk Line North Section. South of Su'aoxin Station, the Yilan Line connects to the North Link Line.

Trains traveling along the Yilan Line section of the main line have varying destinations with through service on connecting lines. Many trains heading west to Taipei terminate after Taipei Main Station at Shulin Station. Trains traveling east to Yilan from Taipei may terminate within Yilan or at Su'ao, or may change to the North Link Line at Su'aoxin and terminate at Hualien or Taitung.

Trains bound for Pingxi travel along the Yilan Line for part of the their journey before branching onto the Pingxi Line.

Popular day trips from Taipei Main Station can be made by traveling to destinations such as Houtong Cat Village at Houtong Station, Wushigang Beach and Fishing Harbor at Wai'ao Station (local trains only) or Toucheng Station (all trains including express Tzu-Chiang), Fulong Beach at Fulong Station, 'onsen' hot springs near Jiaoxi Station, and Pingxi or Jiufen by transfer at Ruifang Station.