Neiwan Line, Taiwan Railways (台鐵 內灣線 )

Neiwan Line (內灣線 )

A branch line from the Hsinchu city area out toward the mountain destination at Neiwan, the Neiwan Line operates from Hsinchu Station to Neiwan Old Street.

The line is partially electrified from Hsinchu to Zhuzhong, where service branches to the Liujia Line, providing services to Hsinchu High Speed Rail Station. Electric commuter trains will continue to Liujia Station (HSR), and diesel-powered trains will continue to Neiwan. Stations between Hsinchu and Zhuzhong are covered by both Neiwan Line services and through service to the Liujia Line. Services on the Neiwan Line may be limited to the Zhuzhong-Neiwan section, and passengers may be required to transfer to the Liujia Line extended service running between Hsinchu-Zhuzhong.

Passengers traveling to Neiwan by High Speed Rail are recommended to take a local train from the HSR Station (via the neighboring Liujia Station) to Zhuzhong, then transfer to a Neiwan-bound train on the Neiwan Line.