Western Trunk Line South, Taiwan Railways (台鐵 縱貫線南段 )

Western Trunk Line South (縱貫線南段 )

The southern section of the main line runs from Changhua into Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan, and Kaohsiung with through service to Pingtung.

Passengers traveling between Taichung-Tainan may find taking Tze-chiang trains require roughly the same time as the High Speed Rail when accounting for transfers.

Passengers traveling between Taichung-Kaohsiung may choose the High Speed Rail as a quicker option.

The downtown areas of Changhua, Yunlin, and Chiayi are best accessed by train services.

Transfer service to the Alishan Forest Railway is available at Chiayi Station.

Transfer service to the Jiji Line in Nantou is available at Ershui Station.

North of Changhua Station, rail services split onto the western section (Coast) and the eastern section through the downtown areas of Miaoli and Taichung City (Mountain). Passengers who wish to alight at a station within the ranges of these sections should pay attention to the markings on the train indicating which section the train will continue onto, marked "Coast 海線" and "Mountain 山線". For passengers traveling through these sections into the northern section of the Western Trunk Line (north of Zhunan), choosing a train running along the Coast section may provide nicer views during the ride.

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